We are committed to
the safety of OUR patients
and our caregivers.

Jzanus Home Care is dedicated to protecting our patients
and caregivers to the fullest and we are doing this in many ways.

Personal Protective Equipment is available and distributed among our caregivers. Surgical masks and gloves are essential; in addition, we can offer gowns and protective bouffant hair caps to cover caregiver’s clothes when entering the patient’s house.

We also have available face shields and N95 masks if caregiver works with COVID-19 positive patients. Additionally, reusable masks also will be distributed among caregivers and available to patients.

The following precautions currently in place include:

PPE Equipment in the Field
• Surgical Masks
• Disposable Gloves
• Reusable Cloth Masks
• Face Shields available for caregivers servicing Covid-19 Positive clients
• KN95 masks available for caregivers servicing Covid-19 Positive clients
• Gowns available for caregivers servicing Covid-19 Positive clients

Office Protections
• HEPA Air filter
• Adhesive Laboratory mats at the entrance
• Reusable Cloth Masks
• Surgical Masks
• Hand Sanitizer
• Lysol Spray
• Hand Wipes after every use of common area equipment
• Social distances spacing rules and procedures

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to our NYC and Long Island teams at any time.

Nassau County/NYC
Beverley Ward
516-437-4747 ext. 3920

Suffolk County
Debbie Turitto
631-207-9242 ext. 3906

If there is anything I can personally do I can be reached at my personal email.

Please know we are committed to doing everything in our power to create a safe environment for both our patients and our caregivers.


Jzanus Homecare