Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in setting up care service is to speak with one of our Home Care Advisors. You can do this by requesting a call, sending us an email, or getting in touch directly via telephone, at 1-800-IN-HOMES. When you are ready to move forward, a Registered Professional Nurse will work with you and your loved one to assess your goals and discover what is most important both to your family and to your loved one. After your meeting, the same Registered Professional Nurse will craft a unique care plan for your loved one, and work directly with members of the Jzanus Home Care staff to ensure every facet of the care plan is considered and carried out. Our Registered Professional Nurses work in tandem with physicians and external care providers to ensure our clients are getting the best possible care.

One of our Registered Professional Nurses will speak to you and your loved one to assess needs and goals. The assessment is conducted in order to evaluate the client’s condition and to determine what services would best benefit your family and your loved one.

A Registered Professional Nurse develops a unique personal care plan for every home care client. Our caregivers undergo extensive training to learn how to read and execute personalized care plans. Throughout our clients’ home care experience, Jzanus caregivers carefully follow each client’s personal care plan; to ensure continued quality of care, a Registered Professional Nurse performs unannounced visits once every three months, to supervise and critique the caregivers performance. Jzanus Home Care understands that client needs can change over time, so our Registered Professional Nurses routinely review and monitor care plans to assess and ensure accuracy. Our care plans grow with our clients needs; if it is determined that a client’s needs have changed, care plans are carefully amended and updated.

Jzanus Home Care accepts Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plans (MLTC), most major long-term care insurance plans, major medical plans, workers compensation, no-fault insurance, as well as private-pay clients, in order to accommodate as many individuals seeking care as possible. For our private-pay clients, we are happy to accept payment by both check and credit card.

You will never have to worry about paying your Home Care Aide directly. Our goal is to take the worry out of your home care journey. All Home Health Aides are managed and employed by Jzanus Home Care, Inc., and an invoice will be mailed on a bi-weekly basis for the services you received.

All Jzanus Home Care Aides are required to provide the agency with at least 2 hours’ notice if they are unable to report to work. If your regular Home Care Aide is unable to report for work, a member of our staff will notify both you and your loved one as expeditiously as possible, and assign another qualified member of our Home Care Aide Staff to serve as a replacement for your regular Aide. All of our Aides are expected to report to work on time and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, so even in unexpected situations like this you can rest assured knowing that your loved one will be attended to in a timely manner, by an equally-capable Aide.

We believe that trusted relationships are an essential component of quality home care and continued quality of life. In order to provide the best quality care to our clients, we feel it is imperative for our client’s to feel comfortable with the Home Health Aide providing their care, and work tirelessly to establish long-term matches between our clients and Home Health Aides. In order to do this, we take special care to match client needs with our aide’s skills and abilities, and always do our best to pair our multi-lingual clients with multi-lingual aides, so that our clients can communicate needs in the language they are most comfortable speaking

Absolutely. All Jzanus Home Care Aides are carefully screened. Upon applying for a position with Jzanus Home Care, applicants are required to provide our agency with two professional references that are then verified by our Human Resources Department. Additionally, applicants are required to provide a copy of their training certificate which is then cross verified by our Human Resources Department using resources provided by the New York State Department of Health. Before beginning their journey as a Jzanus Home Care Aide, each applicant is required to pass a written examination and skills evaluation, undergo a background check, and complete comprehensive training courses. Our employees are required to repeat exams annually to ensure that their skills and education remain current and fresh.

Yes, all of our Home Care Aides are bonded and insured under the agency’s general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

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